Research & Expertise


  • « The reform of the 1965 law regarding the Convention on the Rights of the Child in terms of diversion ». This research paper was written by Heloise Tracqui and Jean-Vincent Couck. It was led by the Interdisciplinary Center on Children Rights, with the collaboration of DCI-Belgium and the Carpe (Educational and Philanthropic Presentation Service of Verviers)

  • Violence against children in conflict with the law: a study on the indicators and data in Belgium, England, Wales, France and the Netherlands. Research was done by DCI-Netherland, in collaboration with the Howard League for Penal Reform (England), DCI-Belgium and DCI France, and with the support of the Daphne II program of the European Commission.

  • The confinement of children - preliminary research. Research done by Isabelle Ravier in 2006. Funded by the Ministry of the French Community - General Direction of Youth Help.

  • The confinement of children in Belgium - First inventory. Research done by Marie Charles, under the supervision of Benoit Van Keirsbilck. The goal of this research was to analyze all legal dispositions in the Belgian legislation that deprives a child of its freedom.


DCI has gained experience and knowledge that is largely recognized and regularly solicited. This is why DCI takes part (or has taken part), as an expert, in different working groups, reunions, conferences and consultations at a national and international level:


DCI-Belgium, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Children’s Rights or other associates (The Youth Rights Center, the International League for Human Rights, the National Commission on Children’s Rights…) organizes workshops on various current themes or themes that lead to discussions and critical thinking.


National report for the project Children’s Rights Behin Bars in French in English and in Dutch

National report for the project TWELVE in French and in English