Legal Actions

There are many instances where national legislation does not comply with the rights of the child guaranteed in the Belgian Constitution or in international texts the state has ratified. DCI-Belgium, whose goal is to protect, promote and defend all areas of children’s rights, regularly monitors Belgian legislation. If we notice a violation of their freedom or of their fundamental rights guaranteed in international treaties, especially in the Convention on the Right of the Child (ratified by Belgium on January 15th, 1992), DCI-Belgium reacts by interpolating the authorities, and, if necessary, by introducing appeal procedures in national or international jurisdictions.

DCI-Belgium takes legal actions mainly in two areas:

In the area of juvenile justice:

  • To limit the use of deprivation of liberty of children when it’s not necessary
  • To promote educative responses instead of penal punishment
  • To guarantee the specialization and the specificity of juvenile justice

In the area of child migration:

  • To guarantee the right to reception and to protection for migrant children
  • To promote the research of long term solutions and to avoid that these children are expulsed from the territory without the guarantees of adequate and respectful reception in their original country
  • To ban the deprivation of liberty for reasons of migration