Our actions


DCI-Belgium does not want to reinvent the wheel by replicating what successful Belgian actors involved in defending children’s rights already do. Instead, our association works closely with all these organizations, through the networks we belong to.

Additionally, DCI-Belgium does not work to provide information, assistance or individual accompaniment in cases where the rights of some children are violated. These situations are reoriented to the "Services Droit des Jeunes" (Youth Right Center). They have 30 years of experience and incomparable expertise in this field.

Primarily, our actions aim to encourage structural and durable changes that can, in the long term, ensure the respect of all children’s fundamental rights – an absolute and inescapable obligation of every State that ratified the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN, 1989).

DCI-Belgium’s actions focus mainly on four areas :

  • Training and education: to bring children’s rights into light, to raise awareness of these issues to the public, particularly adults, to train professionals and give them tools to succeed, etc. This is why one of our flagships is the creation of educational tools on children’s rights.
  • Lobbying and advocacy : to change the laws and practices of the authorities, services, administrations, and if necessary, denounce publically violations of child rights.
  • Legal actions : when advocacy and interpellations aren’t enough, justice is seized to ensure control of the respect of the fundamental rights of the child.
  • Research and expertise: to gather more knowledge in the area of children’s rights and make this available for other actors. Also, to share our knowledge and experiment. 

Finally, although DCI-Belgium is mainly active on the national level, the association also develops actions on an international level collaborating with the International Secretary of DCI and other countries’ offices.

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