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    Facts: During the armed conflict in Guatemala, a 14 year old student was kidnapped by members of the army. The State had never really investigated the case despite the fact that the family of the student had taken legal actions.
    Claimants : Inter-American Commission for Human Rights and the Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (CEJIL)
    Rights at stakes: Obligation to respect the rights of the convention, family protection, Rights of the child, judicial protection, right to (...)

    May 2004
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    Facts : The federal police of Argentina have conducted massive and indiscriminate arrests. Among the people arrested, Walter, David Bulacio, 17 year old at the time. He was beaten by police officers during his detention; he died because of his wounds within few hours after his release. His family has started a pursuit of the federal police of Argentina without success.
    Claimants : > Centre for Justice and International Law (CEJIL), the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS) and the (...)

    September 2003
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    Facts : This case took place in 1991 in Lima, when members of the Peruvian army of the Colina Group, shot with undiscriminated manner on a civil crowd. After this event, the State decided to exonerate the members of the army, police forces and civilians that have participated to these crimes.
    Claimants :National Coordinator of the Human Rights and several NGOs acting on the name of the victims and their family (one of which was under 18 year old when the facts occurred).
    Rights at Stakes (...)

    March 2001
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    Facts : The street children were systematicaly persecuted by the security forces which kidnapped, tortured and killed them
    Claimants : The CEJIL (Centre for Justice and International Law) and Casa Alianza
    Rights at Stakes :Right to life, right to physical integrity of the person, right to freedom, rights of the child, right to judicial protection and judicial guarantee, prohibition of torture.
    Texts : Inter-American Convention on the prevention against torture, Inter-American Convention (...)

    November 1999
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    The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is an international treaty adopted by the United Nations in 1989. It was signed by all the countries of the world and ratified by almost all of them. The objective of the CRC is to promote and protect the rights of the Children. Finally it is completed by 3 optional protocols.

    November 1989