With Love ... From the Age of Reason

Margaret is a beautiful and successful businesswoman selling power plants to the Chinese. With an adoring English lover, she appears to have everything going for her. On her fortieth birthday, Margaret receives the first bundle of letters she wrote to herself when she was seven years old. A jumble of colourful collages, photographs, and wildly creative puzzles seem to have come from a different girl entirely. In a letter the seven-year-old Margaret writes, "Dear me. Today I am seven years old and I’m writing you this letter to help you remember the promises I made when I was 7, and also to remind you of what I want to become..." As her letters to herself keep arriving, Margaret finds herself becoming disenchanted. The letters evoke long-forgotten memories and cast doubt on many of the choices she made in her life. In many ways she’s become the opposite of what she hoped to become as a child. Margaret visits her childhood village and, by reconnecting with people who see in her the girl they once knew, she starts finding her way to the woman she vowed to become.

- Director: Yann Samuel
- Year: 2010
- original title: L’âge de raison
- Length: 97 min
- Original language: Français
- Trailer: Watch the trailer (in French) here