In the slums of Mexico City, the small time teenager thief Jorge gives a bike to his beloved sister Adriana on her thirteenth anniversary under the protest of their mother. While riding early in the morning, Adriana is kidnapped by members of an international network of sex traffickers. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Polish single mother Veronika arrives in Mexico City with a friend lured with the promise of a work in USA in a model agency by the same criminal gang. While transported to New Jersey, the two girls become friends and Veronika protects Adriana as much as she can. Meanwhile, Jorge desperately seeks his sister in the red light zone of Mexico. He witnesses children and the women being loaded as cargo in a truck and he tracks them trying to save his sister. When he arrives in Juarez, he sees the Texan investigator Ray Sheridan, who is chasing a missing daughter, in the house where his sister was lodged. He hides himself in the trunk of Ray’s car and once in USA, Ray finds him and is convinced to help the boy in his quest.

- Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
- Year: 2008
- Original title: Trade
- Length: 120 min
- Original language: English
- Trailer : Watch the trailer here