Don’t Worry I’m Fine

Lili,19, returns from a holiday in Barcelona, to find that her twin brother, Loic, has moved out of their house, without saying a word. Her parents refuse to discuss what happened with her. She rapidly descends into a downward spiral of depression, and stops eating, to the point that one day she collapses in class. Then she is committed to a psychiatric hospital when after resisting for nearly a month she eventually starts eating again once she receives a letter from her twin. She returns home, but is still very concerned about her brother, believing him to be living on the streets; she decides to try and find him. After a year, she is still searching when one day she sees her father send a postcard from the town where Loic is supposed to be staying. She confronts him and he admits to having sent the letters, she isn’t angry though, as she wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t sent the original card when she was in the hospital. Shortly after this her boyfriend, Thomas, is at a cemetery, visiting his Grandmother’s grave when he sees Loic’s grave. He asks Lili’s parents what happened and they confess that Loic died in a climbing accident when Lili was in Spain; they make Thomas swear not to tell her. At the end of the film Lili discovers her brother’s favourite guitar in the boot of her father’s car, realising that her parents were lying and that he may well be dead, but she leaves it lie and doesn’t ask them about it.

- director: Philippe Lioret
- year: 2006
- Original title: Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas
- length: 100 min
- OV: French
- trailer: Watch the trailer here