INTER-AMERICAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Barrios family vs. Venezuela

Facts : This case deals with extra judiciary executions in Venezuela. The Barrios family had been victim of harassment from the Aragua State police during 13 years. Members of the Barrios family, among whom children had been killed, lock away, threaten … Most of these events occurred after a request had been made by the Inter-American system to protect the Barrios family.

Claimants : Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Rights at Stakes :Obligation to respect the rights of the Convention, Obligation of non-discrimination, right to life, right to dignity, right to physical mental and moral integrity, right to freedom, right to a fair trial, right to be heard in a reasonable delay by a competent and independent Court , right to have a private life, right to a family life, rights of the child, property right, right to freedom of circulation and residence, right to judicial protection, right to appeal to a competent Court, obligation to take effective measures and punish the torture and the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments, obligation to investigate and to sue.

Texts : Inter-American Convention on Human Right (IACHR) : art 1, art 1(1), art 4, art 4(1), art 5, art 5(1), art 7, art 8, art 8(1), art 11, art 11(2), art 19, art 21, art 21(1), art 21(2), art 22, art 22(1), art 25, art 25(1) ; Inter-American Convention on the prevention and repression of torture: Art 6, art 8

Solution :> The Court estimated that the Venezuela had violated the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights and prevention and repression of torture.