Training Activities for Legal Experts on Children Rights (T.A.L.E)

Defence for children international (DCI)-Belgium participate to the project T.A.L.E (Training Activities for Legal Experts on children’s rights) coordinated by the organization Save the Children Italy.

The project has for objective to train lawyers, jurists and other professionals assisting and representing children in criminal cases, that in order to promote and protect their right and assure the correct implementation, on a national scale, of the principles guarantee by the directives of the Council of Europe for a justice adapted to the children.

the project is financed by the European Commission, « Rights, equality and citizenship ».

It takes place between November 2015 and October 2017.


The directives of the Comity of Ministers of the Council of Europe on a justice adapted to children (adopted by the Comity of the Ministers on November the 17th,2010) says that:

14. All the professionals working with and for children should have the multidisciplinary training required on children’s rights and specific needs based on their age, and on procedures adapted to the latter.

15. The professionals in direct contact with children should also be trained to communicate with children of all age and development stage, and with those in vulnerable situation.

This need of specific training of jurists was also emphasised by the results of the research led by the European Commission about the children in civil, administrative and criminal procedures. It was also mentioned by the European Council in its conclusions on the Rights of the Child (15559/14).

The project TALE aims to propose trainings to jurists and lawyers representing children in legal procedures on the international tools which promote and protect the Rights of the Child, and on the adequate implementation, on a national level, of the directives of the Council of Europe on juvenile justice. These information include theoretical and practical aspects of a specific child-friendly approach. Moreover, through a consultation work towards children, the project also wants to guarantee that the jurists and the lawyers can be inspired by the point of view of the children.

The project also plans the production and diffusion, through an online platform, of training tools which would have been tested during workshop at a national level.


The main activities planned are :
• Three days of training that will be organised in all partner countries toward twenty professionals;
• a consultation of children (by group of ten) ;
• The creation of a training material accessible from an online platform and spread to the participants of the trainings and to a larger public;
• The writing a newsletter and the organisation of summer classes in order to promote and reinforce the information exchange and the good practices among the professionals of this field and at a European level.

Type and number of people that will benefit from the project

The direct beneficiaries of the TALE project are the lawyers representing children during procedures in the partner countries of the project.

A group of about 100 lawyers, selected by each partner, will participate to the training sessions and a thousand lawyers in the partner countries will be reached by the spreading of the training material.

Moreover, around fifty children will participate to consultation activities.

Indirectly, many children involved in penal procedures will benefit from the results of this project.

Planned outcomes

The training will guarantee that the lawyers involved in representing children in penal procedures will improve their approaches, will benefit from additional knowledge of the national and international tools to protect the Rights of the Child.

The children involved in penal procedures will actively participate in workshops during which they will be able to express their point of view, which will be taken into consideration in the frame of the creation of training tools in order to guarantee that they are adapted to the rights, the best interest and the needs of the children.

Finally, the very large spreading of the tools produced will allow to reach a large number of direct and indirect beneficiaries.

The training material will include videos which could easily be adapted to any jurisdictional context and integrated to the training of the professionals. It will also include specific aspects for an approach adapted to children. Finally, it will include auto-evaluation materials in order to allow the practitioners to evaluate their improvements in the implementation of a “child-friendly approach”.

The role of DCI-Belgium in this project

DCI-Belgium plays a very specific role since its main activity is the consultation of the children, the training of the professional will not be organised in Belgium.

Because of its experience in the field of juvenile justice, access to juvenile justice, defence of their rights, professional training, etc. DCI-Belgium is in charge of the organisation of the trainings at a national level, will participate to summer classes, will participate to the steering committee of the project and to the realisation and spreading of the results.

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