Progress towards prohibiting all corporal punishment of children in ASEAN member states

This note underlines the imperative of the Human Rights to ban all violent punishment against children in all the member States of the ASEAN. It summarises the improvements towards the ban of this practice in every State, and what still needs to be done. In order to promote the national action for this ban, it underlines the numerous immediate opportunities to fulfil the right of children to protection, in the law, against all corporal punishment, and in all the social standings. Many States of the ASEAN are currently reforming their legislations relative to children, thus creating opportunities in order to ban the corporal punishment. Two States have publicly expressed their involvement on the complete ban, also including the punishments in the family circle. The adoption of the Agenda 2030 for a sustainable development, with its objective to put an end to all violence against children gives an additional and immediate context in focus on what can be done to speed up the process to fulfil this fundamental obligation according to the Human Rights.