Child-friendly justice : Perspectives and experiences of professionals on children’s participation in civil and criminal judicial proceedings in 10 EU Member States

The treatment of children in criminal procedures has, from the fundamental right’s point of view, a major importance. In this report the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights talks about the results obtained after a field study realized in 10 EU countries. Through the different practices, experiences, perceptions and points of view of professionals working with children, the European Union highlights the necessity to have clear and coherent standards and directives in matters of child-friendly justice. This study focus mainly on the right to be listened, the right to information and the right to protection and respect of private life, the right to non- discrimination, the principle of superior interest of the child, the importance of professional training and the call for reinforcement of the multi-disciplinary cooperation. A series of encouraging practices are highlighted. However a lot still needs to be done in order to have a child-friendly justice in the EU.