The Trailer of the Children’s Rights 2015


The "Trailer of Children’s Rights" has travelled the Belgium, French and Swiss roads for the third time. It went on a trip to discover the way Children’s Rights are implemented by the international institutions.
For this third edition, theTrailer had a program full with discovery through meetings and activities within the institutions in charge of the application of children’s rights.


The main goal was to go and discover what the international institutions in Europe are doing in order to have the children’s rights respected. This happened through the visit and meetings with the organisation in charge of making the rights respected by the State members. The goal was to have a better understanding of the mechanisms in place.


The first day of the trip took place in Brussels with the meeting of a few European Commission stakeholders and the discovery of the legal texts and their application concerning the children’s rights. The focus was put on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) (3 article of which explicitly impose to the EU members to promote children’s rights), the Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000) (the article 24 recognises children as right holders, free and independent, make the superior interest of the children an essential consideration for the public authorities and private institutions), the European Directives ruling the protection of children’s rights (for example the directive 011/93/UE on the fight against sexual abuses and sexual exploitation of the children; the directive on the prevention of human slavery and the fight against this phenomenon as well as the protection of the victims, 2012/29/UE on the rights of the victims…, But also the particular policies as those concerning the rights of the Roms …

This visit allowed learning about the practical tools as well as the discovery of the financial instruments of the EU on the rights of the child and the European instruments for the Democracy, the Human rights and the Children’s rights.

The second day was dedicated to the visit of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) with the discovery of the mechanisms and actions which it leads in order to fulfil a child friendly Europe, its objectives (to promote services and systems adapted to children, supress all kind of violence against children, guarantee the rights of the vulnerable children, support the children participation), its goals and guiding principles.

But this visit also allowed the discovery of some organisations such as the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Social Charter service and the Civil Society administration.

The Third day we visited the European Court of Human Rights, we discovered the way it works and its actions when it comes to children’s rights.

The Trailer also allowed a training day. The subject was about the advantages and the limits of the mechanisms that control the Human Rights? The training took place in Sion (Switzerland) with people from the International Children’s Right Institute and the interfaculty centre on children’s right from the University of Geneva.

On the 6th day, we visited the offices of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations in Geneva with meeting of representatives of special mandates or comities dealing with children’s rights issues.

On the last day, the Trailer stopped in the Council of Human Rights with a particular attention given to the Comity on the Rights of the Child with the participation to a Comity session.
Finally it ended with a round table with NGOs such as Defence for the Children International (international secretariat), Terre des Hommes and the Global organisation against torture. We talked about the role and mission of the NGOS and the promotion of Children’s right on an international and national ground.


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