9th European Forum on the rights of the child - Coordination and cooperation in integrated child protection systems - Reflection paper

Reflection document. The goal is to promote a shared understanding by the people participating in the forum , of the value of the integrated systems of protection of the children; to improve the understanding of the places and how Europe can act in order to reinforce the children protection national systems, and to create the necessary links between them in order to answer to the international protection needs ; to focus the discussions on the ten global principles of integrated protection of childhood, to identify where the member states and other actors can intervene and contribute to the activities of the Union. The role of the national childhood protection systems. Motivation of the European Union to intervene in the discussions about the integrated systems of childhood protection. The challenges that these systems . The European tools in mater of childhood protection. The principles to guide the forum discussions. How to translate these principles into practices : study of practice cases.