The main goal of DCI-Belgium is to defend and promote children’s rights. To do this, DCI-Belgium needs you! If you are interested in the daily life of an organization that defends the rights of the child on an international and national level, if you want to join us in the engagement of the enforcement of these rights, please register as a volunteer!

We are always looking for motivated volunteers who will significantly contribute to the achievement of our mission. If you want to make a concrete difference and are interested in children’s rights, do not hesitate to apply!

Contact us and we will consider the possibilities of working together! You could deal with educational dossiers that we carry, organize events, work as an educational facilitator with children and raise public awareness on our activities and the situation of children in Belgium, etc.

Practical Information:

For information on volunteering at DCI-Belgium, contact us at 02/203.79.08 or send us a small cover letter to the following address: info at defensedesenfants.be