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Children’s right are daily scorned everywhere in the world. Help DCI-Belgium to protect and defend the children’s rights. Make a donation with only a few clicks.

The Branches of DCI are concretely acting in about 50 countries
in order to build a world worthy of the children.
We need you!
Make a donation with only a few clicks.


Send us an email at info at, with your contact details (name address, phone number and email address) and we will send you a registration form by post within the next few days.

By becoming a regular donator of DCI you allow us to act:

  • When a law does not respect the convention on the rights of the child, DCI step in to the relevant authorities.

  • DCI gives trainings and provides the tools in order to educate train and raise awareness toward a democratic and respectful of the Human Rights society

  • DCI make sure that the Rights of the children deprived of liberty and/or in contact with the justice system are respected, considering their dignity thanks to professionals.

  • Makes sure that every child are equal and that they have the same rights , regardless of their origin, status or any other circumstances and motives.

In compensation, here is what you get back by becoming a regular donator of DCI:

  • After confirmation of your donation, you will receive a WELCOME Pack on the colour of DCI (pedagogical tools, publications…)

  • You will receive our newsletters in order to follow our actions

  • You will benefit from a 25% discount on every training we run

  • You will be the first one knowing about our news activities (projects, events, trainings…) and benefit from a 10% discount on every one of those.

  • AND you will participate to an international movement that defends children’s rights and that acts in 47 countries on the 5 continents , where every section from the North to the South are equals : a real cooperation and a mutual learning!


You can do a bank transfer on the following account: BE89 0682 1223 2185

* from 40€ per year, you can benefit from a 45% tax reduction.

** the contract is cancellable at any moment

Our controlled accounts are published with transparency on: