Structure & Team

The Board of Directors of DCI-Belgium brings together dynamic activists who actively volunteered or worked for the association It is chaired by Madeleine Genot (lawyer) and composed of people with very different profiles and career paths (lawyers, criminologists, psychologists, social street workers, managers, etc.) with significant experience on children’s rights:

  • Jean-Pierre Bartholomé
  • Marie Charles
  • Aurore Dachy (Secretary)
  • Hélène Eggen
  • Jacques Fierens
  • Pierre Genot (Treasurer)
  • Coline Remacle

For a detailed biography of the members, please click here.

The General Assembly is composed of the following (June 2013):

BARTHOLOME Jean-Pierre, BOLAND Michel, CAPPELAERE Geert, CHARLES Anne-Sophie, CHARLES Marie, DACHY Aurore, DE BOEVE Edwin, DEFAYS Christian, DI FELICE Luisa, DOCKX Véronique, DOULLIEZ Véronique, DRUANT Fabienne, DUPUIS Damien, DUMOULIN Valérie, EGGEN Hélène, FIERENS Jacques, GENOT Madeleine, GENOT Pierre, GOURIVEAU Soizic, GRAZIANI Laurène, HERBECQ Pierre, JASPART Alice, JONCKHEERE Alexia, KELLENS Georges, LEFEVERE Nele, MAQUESTIEAU Marie-Hélène, MOREAU Thierry, NZEYIMANA Jémy, NOIRET Christian, RAVIER Isabelle, REMACLE Coline, RENAULT Gaëlle, RONGE Jean-Luc, SERVAIS Jean-François, TORREKENS Michel, VAN DER MEERSCHEN Benoît, WETTINCK Christian.

Benoît Van Keirsbilck is the Director of DCI-Belgium and President of the International Movement . He participated in the creation of the Belgian section and became its Director in December 2012 after being positioned as the directorate of the Service Droit des Jeunes (Youth Rights Center) of Brussels for 25 years. He is the President of the International DCI Movement, which monitors on an international level the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Finally, he is co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Children’s Rights, editor of the Belgian edition of the Journal du Droit des jeunes(Youth Rights Journal). He also gives numerous trainings and conferences and provides expertise on children’s rights at a national and international level.

Géraldine Mathieu works as a project manager for DCI Belgium since 2014. She has a PhD in Law and is a Senior Lecturer at the Université de Namur in Family Law. She teaches Bioethics and Human Rights in the Advanced Master in Human Rights and the impact of the children’s rights in the family in the Interdisciplinary Certificate on Children’s Rights. Géraldine Mathieu is also a researcher at the Center Vulnerabilities and Societies (UNamur); Member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Human Rights of the Child (; Member of a hospital ethics committee; Member of the editorial board of the quarterly Journal of family Law; Member of the Board of La Pommeraie and of the Youth Rights Service of Namur. Her research focuses on filiation, adoption, children’s rights, juvenile justice, human rights and bioethics.

Marine Braun is a juvenile justice expert in DCI-Belgium. She started defending human rights as a criminal defence lawyer in Brussels over a 4 year period, later orienting her career towards children’s rights, she became an active member of DCI International: first in Argentina (2012) and then in Belgium (2014 and 2016). She also held a post as Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality associate at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Morocco. Marine was a researcher in the European project Children’s Rights Behind Bars and is currently the project coordinator of the European project My Lawyer, My Rights within DCI-Belgium.

Aurélie Carré works as a project manager in DCI-Belgium. Graduated in European law and public finance law, she started her career as a lawyer at the Bar of Paris and later at the Bar of Lille (France), where she worked in public and criminal law. She then worked for more than ten years at the European institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg, in financial and legal services (Structural Funds of the European Commission, project for the construction of the new Parliament building in Luxembourg for the European Parliament; Committee of the Regions). Since 2016, Aurélie has worked for DCI-Belgium where she naturally assumed her role as project manager for the My Lawyer, My Rights project.

Julianne Laffineur works as an advocacy and communication officer in DCI-Belgium. Graduated in Political Science (Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution), she carried out research for two years on the radicalization of young people and the use of social media (Project Radimed) within the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Deviance and Penality (CRID&P) at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve. She then participated as an associate partner in the setting up of the Prison Litigation Network , a european network of practitioners and researchers working for the defense of detainees rights. In 2016, she joined the team of the NGO Coordination des ONG pour les Droits de l’Enfant (CODE) to conduct a research on the state of the placement in the hospital of young children in Belgium. Since September 2016, she is in charge of the advocacy and communication strategy for the DCI-Belgium project My Lawyer, My Rights .

Laurent Beauthier is project manager at DCI-Belgium. Laurent holds a Master’s degree in Translation (French-English-Russian) from the Institut Libre Marie Haps and a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation - Development Policies - from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He was the coordinator of the AISBL "Caravan", a european network of social circus and youth. He is currently in charge of the capacity building project for Tunisian civil society in the fields of children’s rights, juvenile justice and project management for DCI-Belgium.

Sarah Grandfils works as an expert in juvenile justice and child rights in DCI Belgium since 2014. She holds a law degree from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and is a lawyer at the Brussels Bar. She also specialized in Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law. After working for various NGOs in development cooperation projects in the field of justice, human rights, women and children, she joined DCI in 2014 as part of the Children’s Rights Behind Bars project as coordinator and researcher. She is the author of the Practical Guide: Monitoring places where children are deprived of their liberty. Sarah Grandfils is also an independant monitoring commissioner attached to the prisons of Forest and Berckendael.

Julien Attuil Kayser works as juvenile justice expert at DCI-Belgium. He holds a European Master in human rights and democratisation (Venice). He worked for several national and international NGOs as well as the Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia-and-Herzegovina (Sarajevo). He worked at the Council of Europe for 13 years, where he was Advisor of the Commissioner for Human Rights before joining the Secretariat of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT). He carried out visits in more than 25 European countries and drafted reports in relation to the human rights situation found. He also contributed to the drafting of several publications and general reports notably regarding children’s rights and the deprivation of liberty.