Migrant children


Our society often forgets that migrant children are first and foremost children and hence, they have the same rights as all other children. hey must be protected, especially as they are sometimes in more vulnerable situations. They must benefit in same way enjoying the right to play, to learn, to family life, to express themselves, to participate, to have the means to live in dignity and to be respected as their status as children.

However, the news shows us almost daily that a lot more efforts need to be done. Migrant children do not benefit from the required protection, reception and assistance; they are discriminated because of their origin, status or administrative procedures, they are kept in inhumane conditions and are often subjected to violence, mainly institutional (including police). Their status isn’t secure, especially when looking at the deprivation of their liberty for crimes they haven’t committed.

With regards to these facts, DCI-Belgium reacts by denouncing the most obvious situations, acting to globally and sustainably improve the situation and sometimes acting before justice systems when other means of action have failed to help.