About DCI

Defence for Children – Belgium is the Belgian section of the non-governmental organization (NGO) - Defence for Children International (DCI) , whose goal is to promote and protect children’s rights at a local, regional, national and global level.

With 50 national sections (located in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, and North and South America), DCI implements specific programs to defend children’s rights in the following areas : health, education, participation of children, violence against women, child trafficking, sexual abuse and prostitution, migration, children within armed conflicts, child labor and juvenile justice.

The International Secretariat, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland, ensures the Movement’s representation within the United Nations and the international community. It also stands as an international advocate for the adherence of greater respect regarding children’s rights, mainly in the field of juvenile justice, which is the first international priority of the Movement. Additionally, the International Secretariat guarantees the cooperation between the different branches, including the regional offices of the Movement.

This presence in Geneva allows the different DCI sections to benefit from numerous contacts and influential partnerships, which provides the essential support needed for serious cases of children’s rights violations in front of international forums.

DCI-Belgium was created in 1991 and joined the international movement in 1992. Since 2009, the NGO has been accredited by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels as an Association of Continuing Education. As such, DCI-Belgium produces educational tools and ensures training and education regarding children’s rights.

Belonging to an international movement is a tremendous asset for DCI-Belgium, allowing the NGO to be connected to the international community, to exchange experience and expertise with other sections and to denounce violations of children’s rights in Belgium in front of various international forums.